Rest, make sure that you’ve taken the appropriate amount of time off and that whoever is overseeing your rehab program doctor or therapist has given you the all clear to resume exercise.

Start slowly but nonetheless start. You can’t use the injury as an excuse to quit. We’ve all been there when you come back to the gym after a week off and your momentum’s gone. So coming back after a few weeks or even months might put you back at square one, but it’s ok. Gradually test your limitations and finding your new balance is what’s going to help you test your limitations and regain your strength.

Finally, don’t just workout, try add a warm up to your routine so you are able to loosen up your joints and get some blood flowing to your muscles before you train. Also foam rolling or stretching are great recovery methods you can use. If you’re not sure how to properly warm up or not familiar with a foam roller below are two links you can take a look at.

We hope these tips were helpful,

Coach V & Dani